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Vermiculite is good for where you need stable high humidity for long periods of time. With some South American and Asian species we mix in 20-30% vermiculite with coco fibre to help keep the humidity high. Though bear in mind no spiders like stagnant conditions so make sure you also have a good airflow. We use the same mix for spiderlings as it make burrowing easier.

What It Says On The Box:

Vermiculite is the most popular product used for incubating reptile eggs. It is able to hold a massive amount of water for its weight and volume and can achieve high humidity over a substantial amount of time. Other advantages are that it doesn’t rot or support microbial growth.

The fine grade is recommended for small, soft shelled eggs and the coarse grade for large hard shelled eggs. Tarantula keepers also often use Vermiculite with South American spiders like Avicularia and other species which require constant high humidity."