Tarantula Substrate - 8ltr
Coir Substrate Block

Tarantula Substrate - 8ltr<br>Coir Substrate Block


Product Info:

This is an ideal all round base substrate for most invertebrates and by far the popular substrate with Tarantula keepers. Its hold water well (up to 600%), allows easy burrowing and is pest free. As it holds water well you dampen the substrate depending on how high you want the humidity. This substrate is also ideal for mixing with other substrates such as vermiculite and sand. Look good when mixed with bark chips substrates to create more naturalistic set ups or blends for specific species.

This substrate is made from compressed coconut fibre and is supplied in dry form make it easy to handle and use. Simply add 1.7ltrs of water and in minutes you will have 8-9ltrs of substrate. Because this substrate is supplied dry and compressed you getting a lot more for your money and it is easier to store and cheaper to ship!

Coco fibre is a non-peat based product and is produced from renewable sources. Peat Bogs are in major decline.


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