Surplus Stock?

Surplus Stock


If your breeding it we are buying it!

We are always interested in your captive bred young, we can usually buy in batches of 50 – 500 depending on species. We can either pay in cash or give generous credit towards livestock of  dry goods we stock. We look after breeders that supply us on a regular basis with discounted livestock, first choice on the more desirable stuff and mature males.

Please note we are only really interested in Captive bred Spiders, Centipedes ,  Scorpions and sometimes Mantids. We are not looking to buy things like Millipedes, Stick Insect, Roaches or Snails.

Looking to sell your collection?

We are always interested in buying  full collections or surplus stock. If you have a collection to sell please e-mail us a list of species with quantities, legspans and sexes if known and we will get back to you with an offer.  If need be we can arrange for a box to be sent down for shipping and arrange for a courier to collect them. For really big collections we will send someone to collect and help pack the animals.

Please note we are not able to buy single or small numbers of animals. let us know what you have and we will let you know if it is viable.

Mature Males

We are only interested in mature males that we need for our own breeding programmes. We breed a wide range of species so let us know what you have spare. If we don’t need the males you have spare you can always post and advert on our facebook page.