Scorpion Blacklight


Scorpion Blacklight
Scorpion Blacklight


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Product Info:

  • Tough alloy body and black in colour
  • 9 Ultra bright UV LED's.
  • Shatter resistant clear lens
  • Knurled non-slip handle
  • 30mm diameter by 98mm Long (1.1" x 3.8")
  • Weighs 100g grams
  • Takes 3x AAA batteries (Not included)



Other things that also reflect UV light include Jelly Fish, Tonic Water and pet and human stains which are invisible to the naked eye (Yuck!)

What It Says On The Box:

Scorpions reflect ultraviolet (UV) light, which is what makes them glow under black light. These are small hand held black light torch for hunting scorpions or viewing your collection at night. These are the same lights we use on expeditions and are worth taking if you ever go on holiday somewhere scorpions are present (even parts of Europe). Using a black light is the most effective way of finding scorpions, if they are present you will find them. When it is pitch black even a small scorpion can be spotted at distance from the glow they give off. In some areas we have collected certain species at night with black lights which we where unable to find in a weeks day time searching under rocks and debris.

The method I personally use for hunting Scorpions to use both a black light torch and a black light head lamp.With the head lamp I always scan a good 10 meters ahead of me. You will find more if you quickly scan the surrounding area rather than just searching down by your feet. The hand held torch is used for searching close up in vegetation and down burrows etc. By using a secondary hand held light you also find the smaller specimens / species which can be overlooked.

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