Reptisafe Water Conditioner



Reptisafe Water Conditioner


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What It Says On The Box:

Zoo Med Reptisafe Water Conditioner could well be the key to giving your reptiles a clean and healthy source of water for drinking, bathing and swimming in, converting tap water into water suitable for reptiles, crabs, arachnids and amphibians.

Tap water, although suitable for human consumption, contains a few nasty bits like chlorine and chloramines, which means that although they make up very little of the water, they can seriously effect your reptile's health if ingested. Zoo Med Reptisafe Water Conditioner gets rid of all this, and instead replaces it with substances that help your reptile do better.

Not only that, it helps remove ammonia in your water (usually present due to the breakdown of organic waste) and reduces pH levels, making your reptile's water and environment safer.