Psalmo Superstars

3x Slings with setups

Psalmo Superstars
Psalmo SuperstarsPsalmo Superstars


Product Info:

  • 1x Trinidad Chevron (1-2cm)
  • 1x Psalmopoeus pulcher Panama Blonde (1-2cm)
  • 1x Psalmopoeus irminia Venezuelan Suntiger (2cm)
  • With Set Ups


    TSS Tip

    File these species under "New World but Nasty" - they are a decent training ground if you find yourself bored of Pink Toes and Brachypelma but not quite sure on whether to jump into Old World Tarantulas just yet.

    What It Says On The Box:

    Psalmopoeus irminia Venezuelan Suntiger (2cm)

    This is a beautiful arboreal species with bright orange patterns on its abdomen and metatarsus and tarsus parts of the leg. The colour is brighter at an early age and is it grows larger it develops a greenish shade on its carapace which is most noticeable after a moult. It is a very fast and defensive species and will bite if provoked.

    Psalmopoeus cambridgei Trinidad Chevron (1-2cm)

    A beast of an arboreal spider and always a firm favourite with keepers, thousands are bred every year but we rarely have adults available which must mean people don't often part with them. Adults have chevron markings on their abdomen and bright orange stripes on their legs with an overall furry appearance. A interesting species to keep as heavy webbers and less secretive than other Psalmopoeus throw in there massive legspans and ease of breeding they are a good starter arboreal species.

    Psalmopoeus pulcher Panama Blonde (1-2cm)

    A beautiful arboreal tarantula in shades of tans and browns with light feathery hairs on its legs. Not as often seen as other Psalmopoeus species.


  • 3x Round Jar 570ml,
  • TSS Terradisc 1ltr Substrate Block
  • 3x Spiderling Bowls
  • Cork Bark
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