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Dwarf Species

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  • 3 Awesome Easy to care for Spiderling
  • 3 Spiderling Boxes
  • 3 Water Bowls
  • 1 Terradisc Coco Fibre Block
  • Cork Bark Hides


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Species Included:

Peruvian Love Heart – Cyriocosmus aueri

A very rare Cyriocosmus species from Peru that entered the hobby in 2007. Very little is known about its natural history. In the wild it is reported to lead a nomadic style of life hiding under logs, in burrows as well as possibly found in hollows of trees some above the ground.

Pumpkin Patch – Hapalopus sp. “Colombia”

Hapolopus sp. Colombia aka the Pumpkin Patch Tarantula is a popular Dwarf tarantula known for its bright orange and deep black coloration and gorgeous pattern. Its scientific name comes from the root word hapalo which means simple and the pus which translates to foot and the common name refers to the pumpkin colour which resembles the look of a pumpkin patch due to the pattern.

Pygmy Fire Leg – Kochiana Brunnipes

A Small species from Brazil recently available in the hobby, super easy to keep an seem to breed like Vermin as never not had a female lay after mating.