My First Spiderlings

Easy Going Species

Product Info:

A Perfect Package if you’re thinking of getting started with spiderlings,

Pack contains

  • 3x Hardy and Easy to care for Spiderlings
  • 3x New Spiderling Boxes
  • 1x Dwarf Fruitflies
  • 3x Spiderling Water Bowls
  • 1x TSS terradisc mini coco block
  • 1x Pipette


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What It Says On The Box:

Species Included:

Giant White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata)
This is a popular species due to its large, robust size and attractive colouration. Its is a very attractive species and though it has no “red” or “blue” in its colouration it does have wide prominent white / cream striping on an over black colouration with red hairs on the abdomen to boot. This isn’t a shy species and can be observed in its terrarium during the day and at night as they spend most of the time out in the open.

Curly Hair (Tlitocatl albopilosus)
Everyone has to own a Curly Hair at some point, super easy to keep and grow and one of the best pet spiders available.

White Striped Birdeater (Nhandu chromatus)
A very attractive spider from Brazil with markings similar to Acanthoscurria geniculata. though this species has brighter red abdomen hairs and vertical striping on the legs. In the hobby, this was formerly known as Lasiodora cristata. Its a nice species that grows fast and is very popular.