Poecilotheria sp.



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  • 4 Awesome Poecilotheria.
  • 4 Rearing Jars
  • 4 Water Bowls
  • 1 Terradisc Coco Fibre Block
  • Cork Bark Hides

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    TSS Tip

    Poecilotheria are know as Parachute Spiders In India. A name recentley dreamed up by the Indian conservation group ZooOutreach because they can launch themselves off a tree, spreading out their legs. However either Pocock in the 1800s or Andrew Smith in the 90's came up with the name Ornamental spider (Mr Smith can't seem remember which) and Carter, who was the first to collect them in early Victotrian times called them Embroidery spiders. Personally we prefer the name Long Legged Mac Daddies.

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    Species Included:

    Gooty Ornamental (Poecilotheria metallica)
    Bengal Ornamental (Poecilotheria miranda)
    Fringed Ornamental (Poecilotheria ornata)
    Red Slate Ornamental (Poecilotheria rufilata)