Phidippus regius

Regal Jumping Spider (SA)

Phidippus regius
Phidippus regiusPhidippus regiusPhidippus regius


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Captive Bred Sub Adults

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Information Courtesy of Angel Jynx via facebook: I kept and bred a variety of Phidippus sp. for several years, in the States. They are super-easy to care for. All you need are small-size Kritter Keepers for the female and male (they must be kept separate!). As for substrate, you'll want to use a regular potting soil (compost/perlite/vermiculite blend---be sure it's the stuff without fertilizer in it...and don't use dirt from outside, it can carry parasites). A few sticks, maybe a couple of small fake plants. The males are a lot smaller and more active than the females---they crawl around a lot (especially after they have made a sperm web and gathered their spermatophores into their palps). The ladies will usually make a big silk hide up in one of the corners of the enclosure, and will only come out if thirsty or hungry. They LOVE to eat crickets and flies. I used to raise green bottles for mine. NEVER feed them wildcaught food, as it can cause parasites!!!! Three or four crickets per week for a mature, young female; two or three small or medium per week, for a mature male. They should get plenty of water from their prey, but during the dry months, you'll want to lightly (VERY lightly) mist one side of the enclosure. You will want to take a long pair of dissection tweezers and carefully clean up the carnage from the bottom of their enclosures, from time to time, or the bug carcasses will become mouldy. If you plan on breeding them, be sure to feed momma several appropriate size crix, before introducing the male. Chances are, she will eat him ANYWAY. LOL!

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