Pamphobeteus antinous

Peruvian Steely Blue (8-10cm)

POCOCK, 1903

Pamphobeteus antinous
Pamphobeteus antinousPamphobeteus antinous


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Unsexed Juveniles (Peruvian Origin AKA BIG/BLACK)

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One of the great South American monsters and probably the largest Pamphobeteus species with reports of specimens with 8-9" legspans. It is a magnificent, big heavy bodied species and has massive chelicerae and can consume large prey items. The Adult colouration is a uniform short, crisp, black velvet for females, & adult males have purple on the chelicerae & front femurs (the common name only applies to males). Both have long reddish hairs that start half way down the abdomen. Their build is slender, & they don't have nearly the bulk that a blondi does. Antinous is built for speed. This isn't the sort of spider you can keep in a plastic tub and will need a large enclosure (30x 30 x 30cm) with plenty of substrate and a water bowl for drinking. It is a good display species because larger specimens do not tend to burrow and spend they are out in the open looking for prey. Smaller specimens will dig if given the opportunity. The do not like temperatures to high and they must be consistent. Eggsacks of this species consists of a relatively small amount of spiderlings but the offspring that emerge are fairly large similar in size to Goliath Bird eaters (Theraphosa blondi) spiderlings and grow at a medium rate.

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