Jumping Spider + Starter Kit

Jumping Spider + Starter Kit
Jumping Spider + Starter KitJumping Spider + Starter Kit


Stock Description:

This Kit Contains:

  • Sub Adult / Adult Regal Jumping Spider (P.regius)
  • TSS Arboreal Jumping Spider Acrylic Enclosure
  • TSS Mantis Decor Kit
  • Coco Fibre Block
  • Atomiser Mister
  • Micro Water Bowl
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    Species Info:

    This Starter kit contains a TSS Acrylic Arboreal Enclosure are ideal for Jumping as it has front access so you don't destroy the nests they usually build at the top of the enclosures. It is supplied Flat pack and the substrate is a coir block which needs to be re-hydrated with approx. 300ml of water so best to do this while building the enclosure.

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