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We have been testing using incubators for eggsacks with legendary Tarantula breeder Martin Lees to see if we can improve success rates. Over the last 11 months using an incubator for hatching we have had a 100% success rate for 18 eggsacks of 14 different species! Though the unit is expensive if you hatch one eggsack you might of lost it has paid for itself already.

One of the main issues for eggsack failure is spikes in temperature which can often be fatal for developing nymphs. Nothing worse than being sat in a beer garden on a nice hot day and wishing you had left your spider room door open. These incubators have both heating elements and a cooling fan to maintain a constant temperature. We generally set for most species at 24c as there is 3-4c gradient between top and bottom so will stack cooler species at the bottom.

The other advantage is it is a sealed unit which prevents Phorid flies and other pests entering which is another common reason for failure as one bad egg can attract pests wiping out the rest. The great thing about a sealed unit is when one of your employees (Toby) leaves a corner of a tub open (Toby) and all your spiderlings of a great species escape (Toby) you don't to remind them every day how bitter you are about the situation (Toby).

The incubator can hold 4 x 3ltr Braplast tubs or 8 x 1.3 ltr Braplast tubs and there is removable shelves that can also be used. When opening eggsacks rather than open them up completely we cut a hole and check the eggs. If still at N1 (EWL) the eggsack is closed up and placed in a tub on dry tissue as additional humidity comes from water placed in the tray at the bottom. If developed to N2 we pour out the eggsacks into the tub with cocofibre on the bottom and scrunched up kitchen roll slightly damp, where as Martin prefers to keep completely on tissue paper and dampen one side. Don't forget to add some netting underneath the lid so they don't escape out of the air holes when moulting into slings.

What It Says On The Box:

The herp-nursery II is a multifunctional device equipped with an innovative peltier-system. This allows the device to cool and to heat, making it suitable for use as an incubator but also for hibernating animals.

It can switch automatically between heating and cooling to keep the desired temperature. Contrary to other incubators the Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II will automatically enter cooling mode if the breeding temperature is surpassed and bring it back to optimum preventing the loss of eggs due to overheating. A very useful function on hot summer days.

The temperature area is approximately 5 to 60 degree Celsius but depends on the surrounding temperature. The digital thermostat allows setting the temperature in 1 degree Celsius steps. Please note that there is temperature gradient of 4 degree Celsius between upper and lower area inside the device. Thanks to the plenty of space the herp nursery offer, this is a big advantage as you can incubate different species with different temperature requirements or breed for specific sexes and all in one device.

Due to the temperature gradient, the displayed temperature is only a guideline and we recommend monitoring the temperature in the different parts with a separate thermometer.

The Herp Nursery II is very energy efficient and only needs 10 W/h on average. A large front window enables a good and easy monitoring of the inside. Interior lighting can be turned on if necessary.

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