My First Spiderlings

Grammostola Edition

My First Spiderlings
My First SpiderlingsMy First SpiderlingsMy First Spiderlings


Product Info:

A Perfect Package if you're thinking of getting started with spiderlings,

Please note: As the kit contains micro crickets, during lockdown orders with this product will be shipped Wednesday to arrive Thursday.

Pack contains

  • 3 of the most desirable Gramostola spiderlings
  • 3x New Spiderling Boxes
  • 1x Micro Black Crickets
  • 3x Spiderling Water Bowls
  • 1x TSS terradisc mini coco block
  • 1x Pipette

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    TSS Tip

    All 3 are hardy, easy to care for terrestrial spiderlings, Will need a moderate amount of substrate and all require similar levels of heat and humidity, Will also need some small hides :)

    What It Says On The Box:

    Slings included are

    Brazilian Red Rump (Grammostola pulcheripes)

    This Tarantula is found in southern Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. A monster species growing big with a bulky appearance. Black with Gold stripes.

    Brazilian Black (Grammostola pulchra)

    This is an impressive large, bulky jet back species and it is very desirable for many hobbyists. It is as docile as a spider and are like little Kittens, this making an ideal species for the novice. It is a very hardy species and does not require any special attention. Provide the enclosure with a deep substrate, water bowl and flower pot hide and then sit back and watch.

    Pampas Tawny Red (Grammostola iheringi)

    Also known as an Entre Rios Tarantula. Thought to be one of the largest growing tarantulas of the Grammostola genus, the iheringi is a stunning species with blue-grey body with a red rump. Whillst still retaining a lot of features of the grammostolas this species is a little quicker and can be a touch skittish. Does grow quicker than the usually plodding along from the rest of the genus though.