Dubia Roaches

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Dubia Roaches


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Pre-Pack Culture Approx 15 Med - Large Roaches



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What It Says On The Box:

Dubia Roaches are soft bodied and one of the most popular feeder roaches with a high protein to chitin ratio. They are easy to care for and prolific breeders that do not climb, fly or have any odour.

Any aquarium with a suitable well fitting mesh lid will do for housing, some species of cockroach are particularly good at escaping as they can walk up glass (however in this country you have no worry about infestation from the species we offer as they require high temperatures in order to breed.) The temperature can range from 18 to 30c with the higher temperature promoting breeding. We find the best heating method is a standard light bulb which allows for a more natural heating from above allowing for the cockroaches to burrow to lower there temperature.

We find the best substrate to be leaf litter or peat to a depth of approx.15cm this should be kept moist at the base level and allowed to dry on the surface. As true omnivorous scavengers cockroaches eat just about everything so offer a range of fruit, vegetables, bread, cereal in fact try it, if itís not eaten the following day remove it. Diet will depend on the species you have and you will be informed of particular requirements of any species purchased.

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