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Bug Gel


Product Info:

ProRep bug Gel is specially formulated to provide a source of clean, fresh water for feeder insects without the risk of drowning.



This product and other similar products are marketed for use with Tarantulas and Scorpions though it isn't actually suitable as they will not consume it. It is better to use a normal water bowl with just water (No sponge!) that has been left to stand overnight. Other than that is ideal for Livefoods, Cockroaches, Millipedes and a whole host of other invertebrates.

What It Says On The Box:

Bug Gel is an ideal, safe and hygienic way to offer water to your feeder insects and invertebrate pets. It prevents drowning, reduces chances of Bacterial infections and prevents spillage. Water Gel is completely safe for your invertebrates to eat and is not harmful to the prey the insects are then fed to. The Water Gel is made from natural spring water and has no added dyes or chemicals.

How to use:
Place a small amount of Water Gel in a shallow dish inside the Feeder Insects enclosure. Make sure you only use as much as can be eaten in one day and

Water, Polyacrylamide Gel