Blue and Bitey Box

Intermediate species

Blue and Bitey Box
Blue and Bitey BoxBlue and Bitey BoxBlue and Bitey BoxBlue and Bitey Box


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  • 4 Spiderlings that are blue and potentially bite

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    TSS Tip

    If you're tempted to start getting into old worlds it's usually a good idea to get them small.
    Also if you're leveling up your game you may as well do it with the most attractive species in mind...

    Kinda why we put this one together.

    What It Says On The Box:

    Species included

    Singapore Blue - (Omothymus violaceopes)
    One of the most beautiful arboreal Tarantulas available. In you can imagine a 20cm+ metallic purple / blue spider with long red hairs and pink toes you nearly there!

    Vietnam Blue - (Chilobrachys dyscolus)
    A large blue Chilobrachys from Vietnam.

    Socotra Island Blue Baboon - (Moncentropus balfouri)
    Baboon spider with short blue hair covering its body as well as long white hairs covering their femurs with a bit of attitude included and some interesting behavior you have a very unique Tarantula.

    Gooty Ornamental - (Poecilotheria metallica)
    One of the most distinctive spiders in the hobby with blue and yellow colouration.

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