Beetle Substrate

Decayed Leaf Litter


Beetle Substrate




Breeding beetles is down to supplied the correct mixture of Decayed leaf and decayed wood for egg laying and rearing the larvae. Though varies from species to species Flower Beetles (Cetonidae) need 50/50 mix of both for egg laying and rearing. Rhino Beetles (Dynastidae) need a high rotten wood ratio approx 90% wood to 10% Rotten Leaf. Stag Beetles are different they lay eggs into rotten logs but the larvae can be reared on 100% rotten wood. These products are OK for rearing a few larvae but not cost effective for making up large breeding tanks.

What It Says On The Box:

Beetle larvae need very specific food in order to survive. Most important to them is the presence of "white fungus", a special fungus that converts undigestible cellulose and lignin into fungus which the beetle larvae can then eat. ProRep Beetle larvae food are specially prepared and are infected with the fungus. Beetle Grub A is made up of prepared, mature broad leaf tree leaf litter and Beetle Grub B consist of hardwood chips infected with the white fungus and allowed to mature. The two types are mixed together in different proprtions depending on the species of beetle being reared