Big Balls Baboon Box

African Species

Big Balls Baboon Box
Big Balls Baboon BoxBig Balls Baboon BoxBig Balls Baboon BoxBig Balls Baboon Box


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  • 3 Awesome African Species.
  • 3 Enclosures
  • 3 Water Bowls
  • 1 Terradisc Coco Fibre Block
  • Cork Bark Hides

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    TSS Tip

    A range of African species they can be fast and super aggressive and are advanced level species. However all are super pretty and heavy webbers and are interesting to keep.

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    Species Included:

    Orange Bitey Thing (Pterinochilus murinus (RCF))
    This is the most popular African Tarantula in the hobby and for good reason. The colour of the this species varies depending on original locality. They vary from a beautiful bright orange colour to tan with a starburst pattern covering its body. It is very interesting in both its behaviour and habits. Not a beginners species but definitely one of those species you need to keep sooner or later.

    Rusty Baboon (Hysterocrates gigas)
    This species have thick rear legs and are sold as H.gigas in the hobby, which over the years have been hybridised with other brown Hysterocrates to create the pet trade Rusty Red Baboon. At some point someone decided it would be better to rename spiderlings produced from wild caught parents as Hysterocrates sp. "Cameroon" to show that is a pure species and hopefully not bred with the mongrel hobby H.gigas.

    Unicorn Horned Baboon(Ceratogyrus marshalli)
    A mid sized species with a big attitude! However an interesting species to keep as it is very active and often burrowing vast amounts substrate, these spiders always seem busy doing something. They are fast growing and easy to breed. These are the most spectacular of the "horned" tarantulas, as the protrusion from the carapace is a large spike that grows very large in adult spiders.