40hr Transport Heat Packs

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40hr Transport Heat Packs
40hr Transport Heat Packs40hr Transport Heat Packs
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  • Recommeded between October - March.
  • Only use one per box.
  • Do not place animals on top or in direct contact with the heat pack.
  • Check the over night temperatures (www.bbc.co.uk/weather ) of the postcode your sending from and the destination as they can vary greatly.
  • Do not ship when is night time temperatures are below 5 celsius, even with a heatpack.
  • Consider other potential problems i.e. petrol strikes, expected snows and public holidays etc. If in doubt delay shipping.
  • Use a 72+ hour heat pack when shipping overnight on Thursday or Friday to allow more room for delays as many couriers do not deliver during the weekend.

What It Says On The Box:

Important read instructions before use!!!! Over heating during shipping is more likely to be fatal than exposure to low temperatures.

These heat packs are designed for livestock shipping so no more initial over heating of livestock, followed by a rapid temperature fall towards the journey's end, as with conventional bodywarmers. They are available in either 30/40hrs+ or 60/72hrs+ hours to allow for any delays during transportation.

Suitable for personal use when travelling home with new purchases, used with confidence by commercial importers and exporters of tropical fish, reptiles, amphibians and fauna.

Online Resources

Link Manufactures Website www.uniheatproducts.com/ship.html

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