30 x 30 x 20

TSS Terrestrial Terrarium


30 x 30 x 20
30 x 30 x 2030 x 30 x 20


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Product Info:

  • Purpose built for spiders and inverts

  • Cross flow ventilation

  • Front Opening

  • Extra Strong Mesh to prevent escape

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    TSS Tip

    The perfect spider enclosure that has none of the issues of the major reptile brands. All knowing all our customers have lots of spiders they retail considerably less than other bands. We can also do full room re-fits with just tanks or full heating and lighting systems, please call for a quote.

    What It Says On The Box:

    These are a range of purpose built Terrariums for Spiders and other Inverts as used by nearly ever major European Tarantula breeder. Unlike other models aimed at reptile keepers they don't have full mesh top panels causing the substrate to dry out to quickly. The mesh is considerable thicker to stop Tarantulas chewing through and escaping. They have ventilation panels on the front and top which cant be blocked by substrate allowing a cross flow ventilation which prevents stagnant conditions. The guillotine style front opening doors allows maintenance without having to move the Terrarium off a shelf which is crucial for not disturbing mated or eggsack carrying females. Unlike Acrylic enclosures the do not warp or scratch and glass cools better at night helping with conditioning montane species for breeding

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