Prixotrichus vulpinus

Chilean Occelated (1cm)

Prixotrichus vulpinus


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Unsexed Spiderlings approx. 1cm

Source: CB

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Formerly known as Pachypelma oculatum this species has an unique appearance and unusual behaviour and is our favourite of all the Chilean species. Though similar to other Euathlus species it is also remarkably different, with very thin elongated covered in orange or bright pink long bristly hairs. The most intriguing part of this spider is the abdomen, it has the classic Euathlus coloured tuft of hair on the front of the abdomen followed by two ocular patches of urticating hairs that resemble eyes lower and then tufts of "V" shaped hair going down to the spinnerets.

This species is semi arboreal and adapted to a semi arboreal existence, slowly creeping forward on their long thin legs. What's more extraordinary is its diurnal (day active) behaviour and can be often seen wandering over tree trucks and rocks during the day. It is interesting that species from Chile are generally calm and docile, this one is the exception and will rear up and display it's fangs ready to bite if provoked. Presumably if they are wandering and hunting its more likely to face predators than other species that don't move far from shelter.

This needs to be thought about when setting up the enclosure. This species will benefit from a slightly larger than normal enclosure with plenty of ground level shelters but also cork and other decor to climb. The first time we received this species we where surprised how rarely they went into there hides and often clambering about the terrarium during the day. They are a southern species and are found are high elevations so have very cold night time temperatures even during the summer months. A seasonal change in climate is likely to be needed to condition for breeding and spiderling don't feed if kept to hot.

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